Bosch school holiday program

We run this program on our kids site. The highlights of our year are our three holiday programs we run each school holidays. Kids from all over the country love them! Have a peak at what goes on and see why kids love it ! Click on the logo...


The next program scheduled for April 2014 - fun is guaranteed.

Pantry Politics

Give any kid the choice of a carrot and a choc bar and the odds of what they will pick is seriously loaded towards the choc bar... What is in your pantry has a huge influence on what your kids will eat. Sound too obvious? Maybe - but sometimes the obvious is so obvious we ignore it!  Choc bar or carrot?

Share some food skills with your kids

We asked a lot of kids what parents could do to make it easier for them to be food savvy. These eight tips make interesting reading and could really change how effective you are! Click on the pic to find out more...

kids cooking